Corporate Customer


  • 2 x 1sdn 30 – 100 indials
  • 120 extensions, call centre, voice mail etc.

Pyer communication expanded the communication systems to accommodate new business. They performed a smooth change over operation over the weekend with virtually no down time. Our system expanded to about 200 extensions, with a new in-dial range and helped in acquiring new companies business.

Some time later due to rapid growth, we acquired a new business – hence we needed another major expansion/system change. Complete process of order, supply preparation and marking programing of new system was done by PYER communication in 9 days – change over was during the weekend with no down time during working hours to total satisfaction.

New Communication Systems:

  • 300 + extensions combination of IP extensions.
  • Digital to analogue.
  • A call center with 3 groups.
  • MIS reporting.
  • Numerous businesses operating within system.
  • Completely cordless operation.
  • 300 number range.
  • In-dial, voice mail, call reporting.
  • Also added 30 channel SIP (VoIP) trunk for outgoing calls, saving us a lot of time and money.

Thanks to the team at Pyer Communications for their continued good work and after sales service.

Dynamic Food Production Business

Communication systems requirements:

  • Provide an effective communication systems to enable inbound and outbound communication
  • Possibility for customers to access the dispatch all the time or to leave a messages
  • Automated attendant

Solution (main elements):

  • NEC Xen Axis digital communication system
  • PSTN lines implemented – more effective than ISDN in-dial in the particular case
  • Voice mail with the following functions:
  • Delay announcement/automated attendant during b/h
  • Automated attendant for after hours to allow access to the dispatch team
  • Management can access any extensions and messages after hours
  • Further expansion capabilities (have already been utilised)
  • Competitive call rates have also been implemented for calls and ADSL

Well Known Entertainment Company

Communication system requirements:

  • Company with large number of calls in peak times
  • Limited number of staff available to answer the phone

Solution (main elements):

  • Telephone wiring – ISDN 30 channels implemented to allow in-dial for a number of different advertised services and individual extensions
  • Well develop automated attendant (16 channel voice mail combination):
  • To route most of the calls to particular prerecorded information, changed by staff on regular basis which allows a large number of calls to be served with minimal staff
  • Small number of calls which require personal service routed to the staff – a few staff member can answer various enquiries by different service names
  • Personal voice mail boxes for staff
  • Up to 8 parties conference capability implemented to get on line separate locations for meetings instantly, at any time without carrier involvement, no upfront booking and extra charges

Well Know International Trading Company

Communication requirements:

  • Company with large number of service and extensions required quick expansion

Communication systems solution (main elements):

  • New larger system implemented – (300 indial range)
  • Combinations of digital extensions (to preserve existing handsets). VoIP extensions – for more efficient cabling
  • Multiple ACD groups with MIS
  • New hardware, software, licenses, system programming and expansion, handsets, VoIP capabilities implemented in 9 days
  • Fully functional system after change over the weekend with expanded capabilities

Communication Systems

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