Eliminate mad dashes and missed calls! The GN1000 RHL lets you answer remotely! Its built-in ring detector alerts you to incoming calls. Then, it automatically lifts your handset off-hook when you activate your headset. Compatible with all GN Wireless headsets and amps (except multimedia packages).

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Easy installation. Reliable performance.

It takes just a moment to connect the GN1000 RHL, which is fully compatible with your phone. And once it’s set up, you can count on this device to perform. It’s fast…raising and lowering your handset in just a fraction over 1 second. It’s quiet. And it’s tested to hold up through 100,000 calls and then some!

What’s more, the GN1000 RHL uses advanced telecoil (T-coil) technology for highly accurate ring detection. When a call comes in — usually when you’re down the hall, right? — this remote answerer sends a tone to your headset. Just activate your GN headset and the lifter raises your handset automatically. When you’re finished talking, simply turn off your headset and the GN1000 RHL lowers your phone’s receiver.