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Enhance the way you work with the newly designed Jabra® GN9330e Wireless Office Headset, built for improved comfort & productivity and featuring excellent sound quality, WiFi-friendly DECT™ 6.0 technology, & an expanded wireless range of up to 325 feet!

Go farther and do more with the updated GN9330e! Its new styling and materials have made it so lightweight and comfortable that you may forget you’re wearing it as you talk, walk, and work within its expanded 325-foot range. Choose your perfect fit from 2 wearing styles… then charge it up and talk hands-free for up to 9 hours on a single battery charge! Enhanced wind noise reduction and a noise-cancelling microphone ensure that your voice is always transmitted with outstanding clarity. Plus, digital encryption keeps your calls safe and secure.

Also available is a 9330e USB model for computer use, with true wideband audio at 6.8 kHz frequency bandwidth (twice that of traditional telephony). This greater bandwidth makes computer-based IP conversation exceptionally clear, enhancing quality and detail.

Experience the enhanced range, sound, and comfort of the GN9330e…

Extended 325-foot range — lets you move and talk hands-free within a wider range, maximizing the value of your office space.

DECT™ 6.0 technology — transmits calls over a powerful and secure 1.9 GHz frequency that won’t interfere with other wireless devices.

Enhanced wind noise reduction — helps eliminate distracting ambient background noise during calls.

True wideband audio (9330e USB model) — at 6.8 kHz frequency bandwidth (twice that of traditional telephony) makes computer-based IP conversation exceptionally clear, enhancing quality and detail.

Improved design & materials — make the GN9330e lighter and more ergonomic than its predecessor for unparalleled long-lasting comfort.

2 wearing styles — let you customize your headset to the wearing style that best suits your needs: over-the-head (headband) or over-the-ear (earhook).

Noise-cancelling microphone — ensures that your voice is always transmitted clearly, even in the noisiest areas.

Up to 9 hours of talk time — and up to 43 hours of stand-by on a single battery charge! (Up to 9 hours of talk time – GN9330e Model and Up to 6 hours of talk time – GN9330e USB Model)

Digital encryption — ensures total calling security.

Extend your freedom with remote answering! — Answer and hangup without returning to your desk. When your phone rings, the GN1000 RHL sends an audible signal right through your GN9330e headset. To answer, simply activate your headset and your phone’s handset will be lifted off-hook automatically, so you can take the call. The handset is also lowered back into place automatically when you end the call. No more mad dashes across the office. And no more missed calls.

The GN1000 RHL’s ring detector feature may not work with some AT&T phones. All other functions work perfectly. Please call toll free to see if your phone is compatible. Also, the GN1000 RHL will only work when you use the GN9330e with your desk phone. This headset is compatible with most corded desk phones.

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  • Wireless Range – Up to 325 feet
  • Frequency – DECT™ 6.0
  • Battery Talk Time – 9 hrs.
  • Wearing Style – Over-the-head, over-the-ear
  • Boom Style – Midi
  • Remote Answering – Optional (included with Item # 13379)
  • Microphone – Noise-cancelling
  • Connectivity – Wireless
  • Office Environment – Noisy
  • DSP Technology with Intellitone – No
  • Adjustable Boom – No
  • Battery Charging Time – 3 hrs.
  • Battery Standby Time – 43 hrs.
  • Conferencing – No
  • Manufacturer Warranty – 1 year
  • Security 64 bit encryption – Yes
  • Security 64 bit encyption – Yes
  • Acoustical Protection – Yes
  • Bandwidth – 200 Hz – 3.5 kHz
  • Boom – Rotate – No
  • Boom – Swing Out – No
  • Boom Covers Types – None
  • Cell Phone Compatible – No
  • Click-Stop Headband – No
  • Compatible Amp – Built in
  • Connectors – RJ9
  • Designed For Hearing Disabled – No
  • Direct Connect Cord – No
  • Ear Cushion Types – Leatherette
  • Ear Cushions Shape – Round
  • Ear Cushions Sizes – Small
  • Headband Material – Metal
  • Headset Speakers – Single
  • Headset Weight – .913 oz.
  • Mute – Yes
  • Quick Remove Battery – Yes
  • Spare Battery Included – No
  • Travel Charger – No

What’s in the Box?

Jabra GN9330e Base Unit, Headset, Headband, Earhook, Connection Cord, Power Adapter, Setup Guide.

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