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By July 17, 2012Pyer

Cable management or more precisely patch cable management is one of the most important aspects of our daily computing and telephony needs.

When patch cables are a standard companion in your everyday life, you know how important it is to keep them systematically sorted.  Your ability to organize these cables is what makes the difference between your job becoming a breeze or a nightmare.  Everyone is familiar with the cringe of stumbling upon the infamous tangled disaster of cables, also known as “electronic spaghetti.” Sometimes after hours of careful and tedious sorting, you finally manage to find the cables you were originally seeking, only to walk in the next day and discover that one of your co-workers has single-handedly recreated the spaghetti phenomenon all over again.  When does it end?

“It all ends here with the EZYHANG Patch Cable Organizer”:

Solving this common struggle is a brand new product on the Australian market, the EZYHANG patch cable organizer. Its ingenious design is perfect for keeping all of your patch cables separated, including CAT 5, CAT 6, fibre, audio and coaxial patch cables. It’s a clever rack, carefully customized to mount on the back of any door or wall as needed with a couple of screws. This organizer only takes minutes to mount and install where you need it the most, in the easiest possible way. Once installed, each cable hangs securely and is stored completely out of your way, freeing up more space for everything else in the work room.

The added ability to hang fibre patch cables, audio and coaxial patch cables securely is a huge advantage as well, opening up the scope of use for a wide variety of people. Whether you use coaxial patch cables for your home video equipment and HAM radios, or whether you’re a large telecommunications business with a growing staff, you can experience for yourself what an asset the EZYHANG patch cable organizer is for you!

Traditional Approaches to Cable Management:

You might have observed that the well organised cabinets usually include horizontal cable management, which comes most commonly in 1RU (RU = rack unit) size cable managers, either finger type or closed type. Generally it is put between every 2 normal density patch panels or 2 for 1 when double density patch panels are used.

1 RU cable management – finger type – most common


Closed type patch cable management   looks pretty neat and is more suitable for places with few and infrequent changes. If there is a requirement of frequent changes then ad hoc cable type is less practical due to time consumption necessary to do the changes. For frequent changes, finger type cable management is much more appropriate and more suitable.

They also come in 2RU size and although it is much more lavish and looks better in most practical applications it might be overkill due to the space requirements.

In larger or multiple cabinets, vertical cable management is often applied to keep patch cable organised.

Problems We Generally Face With Such Kinds of Cable Managements:

Even though the above mentioned uses of cable management are very common and widely applied, however they are unable to fulfil common problems like:

–          Where to keep spare patch leads such that they are visible and easy accessible

–          Having clear visibility of the length as well as colour of cables available

–          Where to store them when changes are made

–          One of the quite common practices is to keep them in the draws or boxes which makes them pretty hard to be found, hard to know how many are available and what type and when there is a need to replenish them

very often user have to search through something like this – not a big pleasure – risky, do not know how many they are free… messy, …


What Makes EZYHANG Patch Cable Organizer such a Revolutionary Product:

We at PYER communications noticed all these problems and devised a new type of cable management called EZYHANG.

The purpose of EZYHANG:

–          To have all patch leads visible and easy to find

–          See availability immediately by lengths, colours, types, etc.

–          Pick it easy from  EZYHANG and hang it easy (forget the spaghetti)

–          Improve safety of your work place

–          Enjoy your patching instead of dreading it

Features of EZYHANG:

  • EZYHANG have different size slots to accommodate up to 80 or more different patch and test cables
  • It features CAT5 and CAT6 cables as well as fibre patch leads
  • Telephony fly leads
  • Audio patch leads and HDMI cables
  • Coaxial leads, serial, VGA, etc.
  • Power cables
  • And several other features

EZYHANG – patch leads and other types of leads visible and clear (patch leads, elctrical. telephony, fly leads, USB, ….)

with EZYHANG – all clearly seen and EZY to use

image 3

If you need more space just add few EZYHANGS’s next to each other, just like shown on the picture above or if you have very long patch leads simply loop them over.


Every tech, every cabinet, every administrator, every tester, every handy man, every audio tech need EZYHANG(s).

variety of cables on EZYHANG – hang them all and see them all

Variety of cables on EZYHANg - hang them all

EZYHNAG on side of the communication cabinet – eazy to see and eazy to pick

image 51

What are the Key Benefits of the EZYHANG patch cable organizer:

–          EZYHANG is by far the most space efficient way to store various lengths patch/test/connection cords and cables.

–          The EZYHANG organizer saves time by eliminating the frustrating searches for that missing cable; increasing your workplace productivity tremendously.

–          It’s a lightweight organizer that’s easy and inexpensive to ship and quite convenient to install.

–          The EZYHANG can be placed anywhere, making it an incredibly versatile product for anyone who uses it.

–          It makes sharing a workspace with others pretty simple, so this leaves you with more time for getting the job done instead of searching for cables only to discover that the right length, type or colour is missing and you have to end up wasting your time buying some only to discover next day that you have a stack of them in the bottom draw

–          The smooth edges of EZYHANG are an added safety feature, protecting your hands and the cables from any minor damages due to rough handling

Available at PYER communications (hyperlink)

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