How do I change the time on my NEC XEN system Xen Axis/Master, IPK, IPK II, alpha, Ranger NDK/PRO?

By February 8, 2012

Aplicable to Xen – Axis, Master, Zen IPK, Alpha, Ranger Pro, NDK 9000, DK 824

  • Can only be done from the first two ports (usually reception phones)
  • Press: FEATURE then 9 then #
  • Dial 4 digit time, then 12 hours format. e.g  for 9 05 am press 09 05,
  • if necessary, press redial for am/pm (toggle)
  • Press: HOLD then FEATURE to confirm the new set time.
  • EEZY done with PYER  – for further service contact us 1300 761 030
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