NBN phone systems and your NEC FAQ

In majority of cases, you can continue to use your current NEC phone system with some minor updates. Just contact us today to find out more.

Here are some FAQ for NBN and converting your NEC or upgrading your NEC phone system.

Does moving over to NBN mean I need a new phone system?

In Most cases the answer is NO. Very few businesses have experienced transition hiccups. Most businesses have moved to a business NBN Phone System or updated the current NEC phone system without a glitch.

Whilst some businesses take the opportunity to upgrade their phone system to a brand new NBN compatible NEC phone system. in Majority of situationsm you cna update the current modem system to work with NBN,

It is also not always necessary to purchase a new phone system to be on NBN.

For those who don’t want to purchase an entirely new phone system, they can keep their current one and convert over to the NBN.

For those who don’t want to purchase an entirely new phone system, we can assist with converting their current NEC phone system over to NBN.


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Moving to the NBN is not automatic

NBN Co will notify you when it is ready to connect your area to the NBN. Once notified you will generally have up to 18 months to move your services to the new network, although some service providers might have shorter timeframes. If you decide to move to the NBN you should:

  • discuss the installation process and your business requirements with your preferred telecommunications service provider
  • order your services and book an installation with your preferred telecommunications service provider
  • contact suppliers of devices such as fax machines, fire alarms, lift phones, Eftpos/Credit card machines which may need to be tested on the NBN so they can be used during and after the migration to the NBN.

Connecting your existing phone system

Moving your businesses’ phone systems over to the NBN can be a complex process and could involve a number of suppliers such as your preferred telecommunications service provider, the manufacturer of your phone system and the supplier of the phone system.

In some cases you may be able to plug a compatible existing phone handset or cordless base station directly into the NBN Connection Box’s “UNI-V” phone port or a router provided by your telecommunications service provider. Your telecommunications service provider will advise you which port to plug your phone into. Ask your telecommunications service provider if their services are supported by the V port.

Other devices which can make phone calls, such as lifts and alarm systems, should also continue to work. However, you will need to check with your service provider and telecommunications provider to confirm that your particular equipment will work.

Some analogue alarm systems and analogue Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) phone systems, for example, will need to be upgraded so that they are compatible with the NBN.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, in most cases you can keep your phone number although confirm this with your service provider. If equipment is going to be installed ask if your service is going to be offline and how long it will be offline.

Will my equipment work on the NBN?

Ask your telecommunications service provider and equipment manufacturer about:

  • whether their current telecommunications equipment will work over the NBN
  • the NBN services which will support your equipment
  • whether they require any additional in-wiring or phone sockets and
  • the cost of any equipment they need.

Will my internet routers and modems be compatible with the NBN service?

Depending on how your business is connected to the NBN, NBN Co may provide you with an NBN Network Termination Device at your business which has:

  • two voice (UNI-V) ports to connect two phone lines
  • four data (UNI-D) ports to connect data, VOIP phone and in-band video services

If NBN Co supplies you with an NBN Network Termination Device you may need a router if you need to connect multiple devices to the internet or if you require a wireless (Wi Fi) connection. Many of the routers currently in the market will work on the NBN. Check with your telecommunications service provider to confirm whether you can use your current router or whether you need to purchase a compatible one.

If NBN Co does not supply an NBN Network Termination Device you will require a modem to provide a connection to the internet and possibly a router. Many telecommunications service providers will provide a modem/router to you when they connect your service. Before getting a new router you should ask your telecommunications service provider whether:

  • your modem already provides a Wi Fi connection (and therefore the ability to connect multiple devices), and
  • whether your current router will work on the NBN
  • (if told it won’t work, be sure to confirm this with the router’s manufacturer).