By Pyer

In recent months NEC released new small business telephone system called NEC SL1100.


NEC Australia has a largest channel partners, sales and support network with Technology Centre in Melbourne supporting New Zealand and Pacific Islands. NEC telephone systems are known for their reliability and offer a peace of mind and very low maintenance cost (system is programmable via web browser by system administrator)

  • Main points about the system: (as practical as possible)

–          Designed for small business with big business features. (programing is based on well featured and reliable NEC UNIVERGE SV  8100 communication system, voice mail features also based on SV8100)

–          Max capacity 12 lines, combination of 28 digital/analogue extensions as well as 12 SIP trunks and 16 VoIP extensions. There are also 50 virtual extensions which offer great flexibility in call handling and answering, groups etc.

–          Accepts PSTN, ISDN BRI or PRI as well as SIP trunks – providing great flexibility

–          Direct indial numbers – NEC SL1100 telephone system has facilities for direct numbers to extensions, groups, as well as answering the calls for multiple company names, businesses. It provides very flexible call handling,

–          Voice mail “built in” and is very well featured with commands on soft keys and 32 hours recording time. It has more than enough capacity for company(s) voice mail boxes in various modes , delay announcements as well as individual voice mail boxes for all extensions, transaction boxes, group boxes etc.

Built in conference bridge – Organise conference with multiple parties as you need – NEC SL1100 telephone system has built in conference bridge – 16 participants per conference (combination of internal or external) with password control to prevent “unwanted “guests

–  Mobile extensions – Never miss the call – NEC SL1100 allows for simultaneous ring your desktop phone and your mobile. Mobile extension user can also access Intercom features, call, hold, page, voice over, etc. and can make outbound calls on office facilities maintaining cell phone CID privacy

–          With VoIP (SIP) extensions remote workers can work as in the office from home or another office

–          HANDSETS



NEC SL1100telephone system handsets are hands free 12 or 24 key terminals – full duplex with menu display, back light on keypad and display, have separate headset connector.

Also all handsets (digital and VoIP) have intuitive menu driven by soft keys and cursors

–   Save money on changes – NEC SL1100 telephone system is programmable via web browser by system administrator. Menu is easy to understand and PYER communication provides very simple, step by step, customised manuals for basic programing.


Some other nifty features

–          Interface to an on-premise alarm system playing of a recorded message or alert sales staff when someone enters.

–          Door phone/door striker to open the door to your business

–          Automated Attendant allows incoming calls to be directed to their destination (even outside destination) without human assistance

–          Built in Hotel/Motel features Up to 20 rooms with front desk

–          Program a schedule to automatically ring a terminal and NEC SL1100 telephone system will check whether users answer or not.  If the party doesn’t answer, an emergency call is placed and a prerecorded message played on answer.

–          Room monitoring capability from outside (via DISA)

–          …

PYER communications can supply, install and program professionally your telephone system. We pride ourselves with high level of customisation in accordance with customer needs. We also provide customised telephone system manuals suited to customised programing.

We can also take care of design and installation of your communication cabling (voice and data – structured cabling).

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