Multiple Numbers To The Same Handset

By March 19, 2019Pyer

ISDN services allow for flexibility of multiple numbers coming to the same extensions and allowing distinctions between them:

  • One call might be a “usual” direct number or main company number.
  • Second call is used for different branch of the business – which want to be presented as independent.
  • Another might be for different business name or current promotion.
  • One might be for VIP customers only.

There are two major ways to make the calls distinctive on NEC systems:

  • One is by DNIS (dial number identification service).  In this case, calls appear on the same button and the display shows which number the customer called (i.e. business ABC, 1800 number, private line, etc.)
  • The other one is when each number arrives on different button, allowing distinction by:
  • DNIS – as above.
  • Also by button position and marking.
  • Also by different ringing tones.
  • Also allows to organise priority of ringing and answer for simultaneous calls arriving at the same time.

There is also possibility to combine the 2 of above options

In both cases, most of the systems will show the calling party number (if not blocked) and match it with the name on speed dial list. Newer software on NEC SV8100 systems can also show a short memo about the customer on phone display.

The above features allow much more effective handling of the calls, and greater flexibility in business development, presentation and campaigns.

The above features are widely used in serviced offices to allow receptionists to answer the calls, with the names of numerous businesses occupying the premises and transferring them to the users. This allows presentation of a smaller business as a business with multiple departments.

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